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We seek to exceed your expectations in every surgical procedure performed at our facility.
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Why Choose an ASC?

Ambulatory Surgery Center’s (ASC) specialize in providing outpatient surgical procedures. Patients enjoy cost savings, time savings and the convenience of specialized care in an outpatient setting.

Latest Technology and Procedures

Our teammates and physicians strive to utilize the latest technology and procedures in their continuing quest to maximize clinical efficiency and effectiveness. We are proud to feature minimally invasive spine, single site hysterectomies, and navigation sinus surgery procedures. You spoke and we listened.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing quality healthcare. We strive to provide care that meets or exceeds standards for high-quality healthcare. We seek to exceed the expectations of patients and physicians in every surgical procedure performed at our facility.


Patients Per Year
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Why Choose Ridges Surgery Center?

Ridges Surgery Center, we exceed expectations. We are proud to offer quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced technology in a safe, family-friendly environment. Our clinical professionals strive to be among the best providers in the healthcare industry.

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Ridges Patient Satisfaction94%
Nation ASC Average Patient Satisfaction90%
Infection Rate0.12%


Ridges Surgery Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.  Appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge. Language assistance services / interpreters are available free of charge. Contact our facility at 952-658-8000 for further information.